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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

2.3.4 Gin Pole (Hoist Beam) Hoist

This type of hoist is used exclusively for hand hoisting by small roofing crews. It is used to hoist small amounts of equipment and supplies to the roof. This type of hoist is not suited to lift anything over 90.7 kg (200 lb) in weight.

The hoist has four main components:

  1. Beam
  2. Front frame
  3. Counterweights
  4. Hoist wheel and rope

One person can assemble the hoist in a few minutes.

Note: Read, understand, and follow the written manufacturer’s instructions for the assembly and operation of all equipment, including hoisting equipment. The assembly and/or operating instructions for your equipment may differ from that described herein.

For a typical Hoist Beam Hoist System, the main beam and the front frame interlock into one of five positions depending on the slope of the roof. No bolts or pins are required to hold the components together. Welded to the main beam is a five tooth ratchet segment that fits into a locking bar on the front frame. Once assembled, the beam and front component are a rigid assembly.

The hoist should be set up at least 3 m (10 ft) from the edge of the roof, moved into place and then weighted. Once in place the hoist can be used to hoist items such as trolley track hoist components, hot buckets, and equipment (i.e. wheel barrows, hand tools, etc.).

When working with the gin pole the operator should stand with one hand on the hoist frame using the other hand to reach for the loads. Always set load far enough back from the hoist so as not to trip over it when working around the hoist.

  1. Wear head and hand protection.
  2. Inspect rope regularly.
  3. Never attempt to lift more weight than you can safely handle.
  4. Lift loads vertically.