Roofing Technical Guidance from CRCA

Providing our members with knowledge is one of our key strategic mandates. Up-to-date knowledge helps our members ensure that Canada’s roofing industry is progressive and well informed.

Our Technical Department provides roofing technical guidance to members and to the industry at large. We do this in a variety of ways, including:


These Technical and Advisory Bulletins keep CRCA members and the public up to date on important issues affecting the roofing industry. Learn more >


CRCA manuals and publications are nationally respected references on roofing best practices, specifications, and maintenance. Learn more >

Complete Bulletins Library

CRCA issues technical and advisory bulletins as a way of keeping the institutional, commercial, and industrial roofing (ICI) industry informed of developing technical issues. Click on this section to order your complete printed set. Learn more >

Reference Publications

This report was prepared by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) to provide an overview of the last quarter, the current economic health of the industry, and its implications for member businesses. Learn more >