Strategic Plan, Bylaws and Regulations

CRCA Strategic Plan 2024 – 2027

Purpose: The purpose of the CRCA is to be the national voice of the industrial, commercial, and institutional roofing industry.

Vision: CRCA’s vision is to advance the industry and support the success of its members.

Key Result Areas, Goals, and Strategies:

KRA Goal Strategies
The Voice CRCA is the national ICI voice of roofing with the federal government and industry related organizations.
  • Pursue avenues with organizations to articulate CRCA member’s point of view.
  • Be proactive with design authorities, be the change and not led by them.
  • Use different tools to communicate with members and the public about the value of CRCA’s work and the industry in general.
Advocacy/Lobbying CRCA is represented at federal government fora / tables.
  • Pursue place at the Federal-Industry Real Property Advisory Council (FIRPAC) table.
  • Align CRCA and its members with federal government procurement policy and other policies that could impact the success of CRCA members.
  • Increase the use of the CRCA standards in federal contracts.
  • Educate owner groups on the value of CRCA standards.
Attract Workers Raise the profile of ICI roofing industry as a career path in the trades.
  • Collaborate with provincial affiliates to demonstrate the value of roofer as a career path.
  • Participate in federal government efforts to promote the trades.
  • Change federal government immigration policy to better attract roofers to Canada.
  • Engage with other organizations that can bring in more roofers to Canada.
Set Industry Standards Grow the influence of CRCA technical knowledge by tapping into membership knowledge base.
  • Increase member engagement and participation in the CRCA National Technical Committee.
  • Proactively reach out to national bodies where CRCA can educate them on our industry standards.
  • Seek out new technical partners. i.e. academic community, as a source to advance the industry.

You can also download CRCA’s By-laws and Regulations, which are binding on all association members and volunteers.

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