Strategic Plan, Bylaws and Regulations

CRCA’s Strategic Plan spans the years 2016-2020. Developed based on industry research and stakeholder consultations, the current plan focuses on five strategies for success, including:

  1. Ensure members across Canada have ready access to current, relevant, high-quality technical knowledge.
  2. Advocate for the value and fair treatment of roofing contractors in the industry.
  3. Foster a direct relationship with CRCA members to increase awareness of the value of CRCA, ensure relevance of services, and encourage engagement.
  4. Support members in business and management challenges at the national level
  5. Develop CRCA’s organizational capacity to enable achievement of its strategies.

You may download the complete strategic plan to review the tactics and metrics associated with each of these focus areas, as well as the implementation plan.

Download Strategic Plan (PDF) >

You can also download CRCA’s By-laws and Regulations, which are binding on all association members and volunteers.

Download By-Laws (PDF) >

Download Regulations (PDF) >