CRCA Achievements

Advocacy work is ongoing and long-term. Influencing standards and investigating the impacts of new technologies, climate change, wind uplift, and other concerns requires years of research and representation.

So it’s always exciting when we see concrete results. Following are areas where the yardsticks have moved forward on topics of concern to CRCA members.

Activity Details
Bill S-224: The Canada Prompt Payment Act We continue to advocate for this bill.

On May 4, 2017, this bill unanimously passed a vote in the Senate to be sent to the house of commons. CRCA was one of the first witnesses to appear in front of the Senate Standing Committee on Banking Trade and Commerce as it reviewed the bill.

NRCC Roofing Industry Stakeholder Consultation Roundtable on Climate-Resilient Roofs In December 2016, CRCA Technical Director, Peter Kalinger, represented CRCA members to ensure the roofing industry is prepared for the challenges that lie ahead due to climate change.

At this roundtable, he gave an overview of building climate-change resilient roofs from the perspective of roof installers. We will continue to share our knowledge and expertise with NRC and other government agencies to achieve the objective of adapting to climate change.

Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness