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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

1.1 General Safety

An accident is an unforeseen event that interferes with, or interrupts the orderly progress of an activity. No one deliberately has an accident, but they do occur and can result in damage to property, equipment or materials and/or personal injury.

The key to safety is to ensure that all work areas are clean and free of debris. Prior to commencing any work, identify all potentially hazardous conditions and ensure that they are corrected or properly marked. Cleaning the workshop areas regularly will help eliminate future potential hazards.

All workers are responsible for their own tools, materials and work area. Work areas can be made safe by:

  • Ensuring that all materials and tools are stored or positioned neatly and in an organized fashion.
  • Putting tools away in their proper place so no time is wasted looking for or tripping over them.
  • Cleaning the work area and sweeping the roof regularly (it is much easier to concentrate on your work without obstacles in the way).
  • Removing garbage regularly during the day (it provides a little break and reduces stress related to deadlines, quality, etc.).
  • Maintaining personal cleanliness such as regular hand washing and changing out dirty, contaminated and damaged work clothes.