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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

1.1.3 Power Equipment

The following general precautions are to be followed for any power operated equipment.

  • Always turn engines off before refueling or making repairs.
  • Ensure protective guards are in place.
  • Inspect equipment daily for defects. If defective, DO NOT USE. Repair or replace defective equipment as required.
  • Operate power equipment (cutters etc.) parallel to the roof edge.
  • Keep hands, feet and loose clothing away from moving parts.
  • If possible, avoid operating equipment upwind from other workers (fumes, flying dust and debris).
  • Never leave a running machine unattended.
  • Receive training prior to operating equipment.
  • Complete a hazardous assessment before operating.
  • Workers must refer to the operating manual for equipment for operating instructions and additional safety precautions that are required.