CRCA Launches National Roofing Week

August 24, 2020 – Ottawa Ontario

The Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) is excited to announce that Canada’s first annual National Roofing Week celebration launched today and will run to August 28, 2020.

We encourage everyone involved in the roofing industry to join the celebration. Roofing Week enables roofing professionals to engage in their communities and inform the public about the essential role roofs and professional roofing contractors play in every community, as well as the importance of making informed decisions about maintaining or replacing any roof system.

The three goals of Roofing Week are:

  • To increase awareness across Canada about the significance of roofs to every home and business and share the good deeds of the industry
  • To increase the awareness of the roofing trade across Canada. When most people think of trades, they think of plumbers and electricians – we want to change that. There are 56 Red Seal Trades in Canada and Roofer is one of them
  • To promote the importance of hiring a CRCA professional roofing contractor and making informed decisions about maintaining or replacing any roof system.

Each day Roofing Week will have a dedicated theme:

  • Monday, August 24 is Employee Appreciation
  • Tuesday, August 25 is Employee Training
  • Wednesday, August 26 is Charitable Projects
  • Thursday, August 27 is Signature Projects
  • Friday, August 28 is Celebration Day

We encourage you to post your photos and videos on social media using any of these hashtags: #RoofingWeekCanada  #CRCA  #NationalRoofingWeek

Please join our celebration and make our first annual National Roofing Week a memorable one! More information can be found at

About CRCA

Members of the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) are the most knowledgeable roofers in Canada. We advocate for and keep our members informed on matters of national and international interest. As the voice of the Canadian roofing industry since 1960, we promote collaboration within the industry from coast to coast. We also represent and defend our members’ interests, and support them to excel in business both professionally and technically.