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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

12.1.3 Exposed slabs

The following is a list of properties that traffic-bearing waterproofing materials should possess:

  • Achieve complete adhesion to the deck. Loose, peeling, or blistering areas compromise the skid-resistance and appearance of the coating as well as its waterproofing performance. Complete adhesion prevents lateral migration of water between the underside of the waterproofing and the deck, should the membrane be damaged. If the membrane is not fully adhered, water from a leak can migrate to other areas of the deck, increasing damage and making location and repair of the leak more difficult.
  • Resist abrasion from traffic over the surface.
  • Resist the chemicals and materials it will be exposed to in service. For example, in a parking garage, traffic-bearing waterproofing must resist grease, oil, gasoline, road salt, and automotive chemicals.
  • Be skid-resistant, even when it is wet. These materials are usually installed in pedestrian or vehicle traffic areas.
  • Accommodate reasonable amounts of shrinkage, cracking, expansion and contraction, deflection, and other movements in the substrate.
  • Be easily repaired and maintained to preserve its waterproofing and skid-resisting functions.