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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

10.5 Seam Types

Metal panel seams and seaming techniques vary. Flat seams can be used on flat decks or flat roof areas (i.e., low-slope roof systems), steep-slope surfaces and vertical walls, as well as the warped or curved surfaces, spires, domes, cupolas, etc. These curved surfaces are usually covered in this manner because the small sheets can be varied in shape and size to fit curvature and pattern. Securement of flat seam metal roofing panels is made by cleats. Flat seam metal roofing traditionally has soldered joints.

Standing seams is used to refer to almost any kind of metal roof panel with a vertical seam. Standing seams can be used as architectural elements to highlight roof aesthetics and accent a building’s architecture, or add structural characteristics to the metal roof. The seaming process varies, depending on the manufacturers’ product.