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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

10.4 Panel Configurations

Metal roof panels are available in a variety of widths, cross- section profiles, and seam types. Metal panels can be formed from cut sheets or coils, allowing for a multitude of panel lengths and widths. The panel’s profile may be flat or corrugated, with a variety of raised rib profiles. Corrugations (or ribs) vary in size and, depending on the manufacturer, and strength and rigidity requirements. The raised rib can be for aesthetics, to accommodate movement, to aid panel interlocking and seaming, and to “stiffen” the panel. Typically, stiffening ribs (when formed into the panel) run the length of the panel, but stiffening ribs or lines may also run perpendicular to the panel’s length, within the width or pan of the panel.


The most common profiles are the array of corrugated panels, which use round or square breaks to achieve their corrugated shape. The corrugation provides rain channels, while adding stiffness. A corrugated panel is easy to install and generally uses exposed fasteners and overlapped seams.