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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

1.9 Movement of Materials and Equipment

Roofers handle a variety of materials and equipment on a daily basis and must be aware of how to properly move, lift and load materials and equipment safely to protect yourself and other workers from injury, potential loss of income and also potential loss to the building which you are working on.

Whether handling materials or equipment, there are some basic safe practices that you should follow in order to avoid strain and injury including:

  • If the load is heavy and/or bulky, get help. Do not attempt to lift and carry the load by yourself.
  • Be sure you have a clear path. Before moving materials and/or equipment, check the path to see if you have adequate room and there are no obstructions in the way. Check for any equipment, materials or roof curbs which may be in your path of travel.
  • Try to keep the load well balanced.
  • Set the load down in the same way that you picked it up. Do not drop heavy loads.
  • Do not stack materials too close to the edge of a roof.
  • Be very careful when handling any material near the roof edge.
  • Keep the materials well distributed on the roof. Do not overload the deck. On decks, it is best to stack material directly over the roof supports (rafters or beams).