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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

1.3.8 Hoses & Fittings

Use only the hoses that are ULC, CSA, or CGA approved for propane gas service and service and for appropriate withdrawal system types.

For vapour withdrawal systems, the hose fittings are rated for 862 kPa (125 psi) working pressure and are not to be used for liquid withdrawal systems.

  • CGA Type I nylon braid reinforced tool hose

For liquid withdrawal systems, the hose and fittings are rated for 2413 kPa (350 psi) working pressure and may also be used for vapour withdrawal systems.

  • CGA Type III stainless steel braid reinforced strato hose

When connections and fittings have been installed on hose ends, the completed hose assembly must be identified by the manufacturer with an assembly tag fastened to the hose connection.

Hoses are normally manufactured in 1.5, 3.0, 4.5, and 6 m lengths (5, 10, 15, and 20 ft)

It is recommended that a workable hose length be used with each torch. Coupling of hoses for greater lengths is not recommended. Long propane hoses are a safety hazard as they contain large amounts of propane, are awkward to move, confusing, and may cause a tripping hazard.

A damaged propane hose should be removed from service and replaced or repaired by a qualified service technician.