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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

7.2.2 Adhered System

In an adhered system, the membrane is glued down to its substrate, insulation or roof deck. Because of the application, large sized rolls are very difficult to use. Most manufacturers recommend that the maximum width of a roll be 3 m (10 ft) for adhered applications. The membrane may be either reinforced or non-reinforced. Bonding adhesive is required to secure the membrane to its substrate. In the case of fleece backed membranes, mopping grade asphalt or low-rise foam adhesive is used as the adhesive.

Adhesive application rates will depend on the adhesive being used and the porosity or texture of the surfaces. An absorbent surface will require more adhesive than a smooth one. Ensure that you use only the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer for the particular installation. Consult the membrane manufacture for coverage rates for the materials being used and the application conditions.