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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

3.3.5 Material Storage

Material deliveries in the cold weather should be carefully scheduled. While it is not always convenient to receive them ahead of time, one should consider the situation should heavy snowfall or drift occur; inaccessibility of roads occurs in the following week, or when you are going to be roofing at that location in the future. Another aspect to consider is the availability of storage facilities and sufficient waterproof covers or tarpaulins to protect materials as per manufacturer’s requirements.

  • Store and organize materials in a central location.
  • Store materials in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements including.
    • Protection from moisture and UV exposure.
    • Temperature control.
    • Materials should be stored on a raised level surface.
  • Winter storage of adhesives is very important. During cold weather, it is may be more convenient to receive these materials at the job site in five-gallon containers so that sufficient adhesives for the following day can be left overnight in a warm storage place and taken out during the day in a warm condition which greatly facilitates their use in cold conditions.
  • It should be noted that the structural capacity of roof deck may not be adequate for both the weight of heavy snow, ice or rain on the deck and the additional weight of materials and/or debris stored on the deck.