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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

11.3 Maintenance

The installation of a PV will impact the cost of future roof maintenance due to the increased number of penetrations and roof top equipment. When roof repairs are required, consult a PV professional to oversee repairs to ensure the integrity of the PV is maintained. Conversely, a roofing contractor should always be present when the PV is serviced or repaired to ensure the components of the roofing assembly are not damaged.

Another important consideration is the roof wear and tear resulting from the PV installation and post installation maintenance. Any roof considered as a platform for a PV must be designed to withstand an increased level of construction and maintenance traffic. The surfacing, membrane system, and insulation must have adequate strength to withstand the traffic they will be subjected to.

There should always be walkways installed as part of the PV. These walkways are helpful for both the installation crew as well as future maintenance technicians. These personnel will likely have tool belts and tool boxes, so there should be walkways wide enough for this level of activity without damaging the PV.