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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

1.6.3 Fall Arrest Systems

Where workers cannot be protected from falls by guardrails or travel restraint, they must be protected by at least one of the following methods:

  • Fall arrest system
  • Safety net
  • Fall restricting system

These systems keep a worker from hitting the ground, the next level below, or any other objects below.

A fall arrest system is an assembly of components joined together so that when the assembly is connected to a fixed support, it is capable of arresting a worker’s fall. Fall arrest systems must include:

  • CSA-approved full body harness.
  • Lanyard equipped with a shock absorber unless the shock absorber could cause a falling worker to hit the ground or an object or a level below the work.
  • Approved Anchor Point which the harness must be connected to it by a lifeline, or by a lanyard and a lifeline.

Fall arrest systems MUST prevent a falling worker from hitting the ground or any object or level below the work, and must not subject a falling worker to a peak fall-arrest force greater than 8 kilonewtons.

A fall restricting system is designed to limit a worker’s free fall distance to 600 mm (2 ft). An example uses a belt grab or belly hook that attaches to a safety rail on a fixed ladder.

A safety net system MUST be designed by a professional engineer. The system is installed below a work surface where a fall hazard exists.