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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

1.3.5 Job Site Storage of Propane

Empty or filled propane cylinders are dangerous and should be stored outside and must be treated with care at all times.

Never store propane in a heated or inhabited space. Always close cylinder valves completely and install a valve plug to prevent moisture seepage into empty cylinders during storage. When a cylinder valve is left open, the propane cylinder must be purged of air and moisture prior to refilling. Failure to purge cylinders can cause excessive tank pressure and poor operation, which includes: constant adjustment of torching equipment and flameouts. When a flameout occurs, propane may continue to flow and find a source of ignition.

Local codes should be checked regarding roof top storage of propane cylinders and storage near vehicular traffic.

Cylinders should be stored as follows:

  • Outside at ground level.
  • On a level non-combustible base.
  • In an upright position.
  • With plastic valve plugs in place.
  • Firmly secured around their middles to prevent tipping and damage.

If stored directly on frozen ground, cylinders could tip when the ground thaws.

All hoses and equipment must be disconnected prior to propane cylinder storage or handling. Do not store other materials on or near propane cylinders.