Effects Of Thermal Shrinkage On Built-Up Roofing

15 – April 1972

We are enclosing a bulletin entitled the Effects of Thermal Shrinkage on Built-up Roofing. This bulletin was kindly made available to us by the National Bureau of Standards U.S., Department of Commerce.

It was felt that this bulletin would be of interest to you as it illustrates various causes of roofing failure.


The opinions expressed herein are those of the CRCA National Technical Committee.  This Technical Bulletin is circulated for the purpose of bringing roofing information to the attention of the reader.  The data, commentary, opinions and conclusions, if any, are not intended to provide the reader with conclusive technical advice and the reader should not act only on the roofing information contained in this Technical Bulletin without seeking specific professional, engineering or architectural advice.  Neither the CRCA nor any of its officers, directors, members or employees assume any responsibility for any of the roofing information contained herein or the consequences of any interpretation which the reader may take from such information.