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Under One Roof

Canadian Roofing Reference Manual

9.2.2 Preparing the Deck

Decks for applying wood shakes and wood shingles should be inspected for deficiencies like you would for all roof covering applications. Load material, evenly distributed, leaving the lower edge clear for a starting point.

Wood shakes and wood shingles can be applied to either a solid or spaced sheathing deck. Spaced decks are strapped with either 25 mm x 100 mm (1 in x 4 in) or 25 mm x 150 mm (1 in x 6 in) boards. Ensure these boards are spaced apart the distance equal to the exposure of the shakes or shingles. The minimum slope for applying wood shakes is 1:3 and the minimum slope for wood shingles is 1:4.