Respective Responsibilities of The Roofing Contractor, The Factory Mutual System and The Material Supplier In Specifications Containing Factory Mutual Requirements

16 – August 1972

Ever since the advent of Factory Mutual requirements in certain roofing specifications, some confusion has existed as to the respective responsibilities of the roofer, Factory Mutual and the material supplier.

As a consequence of a recent dialogue involving representatives of the National Technical Committee of the Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association and Factory Mutual Corporation the following was agreed to in principle:

  • The responsibility of the roofer does not go beyond his use of the materials specified in the acknowledged and recommended manner both as regards quantity and techniques or workmanship.
  • The responsibility of Factory Mutual is to assess the various materials in the marketplace by its test methods; to establish that these materials are allowable components in the roofing system; and to list them according to quantity and application procedures.
  • The responsibility of the material supplier is to develop and manufacture material components of a Factory Mutual specification in accordance with Factory Mutual requirements and to attest that they are manufactured in accordance with these requirements.
  • Acceptance of an adhesive is a logical responsibility of Factory Mutual. This having been established, the roofer is free to use the accepted adhesive when applied as recommended byFactory Mutual without concern for its holding power, a factor over which, under the circumstances, he can have no control.
  • In connection with Class I insulated steel deck construction, the roofer is not responsible for the steel deck which is not installed by him.

He is responsible for the application of approved roof insulation and covering in accordance with the specification requirements of such construction.

Before proceeding with his portion of the work, the roofer may require notice in writing from the owner’s representative that the deck meets steel deck criteria including side lap, top surface, minimum gage and span selection requirements.

Notwithstanding the receipt or not of such notice prior to his proceeding with the work, the roofer shall not be considered as having established that the steel deck criteria have been complied with.

Should the steel deck fail to meet the criteria and nailing of insulation be required otherwise than around the roof perimeter, such additional nailing would constitute a change for which the roofer would be entitled to compensation under terms of change order procedures.