Ventilation Of Buildings To Prevent Damage To Roofing During The Cold Weather Months

01 – January 1970

During the cold weather months of October through April, immediate damage can be done to roofing on uncompleted or newly completed buildings due to the build-up of moisture vapour pressure within the building causing moisture vapour to migrate into the roofing system. Every roofer knows that when this occurs it results in ridging, blistering and delamination of the plies of felt.

Proper ventilation of the building is essential to minimize this hazard and the general contractor should be advised that it is his responsibility to provide the required ventilation. It should be noted that the use of live steam to thaw or heat areas should be avoided.

As an additional precaution it is strongly recommended that a recognized vapour retardant be used between the deck and the roof insulation when the roofing is applied during the cold weather months.