Advisory June 2017 Uncommon Rooftop Hazards
Advisory June 2017 Electrical Conduit Hazards
Advisory June 2014 Roofing Preventative Maintenance
Advisory June 2014 Roof Loading
Advisory Apr 2014 Selecting a Roofing Contractor*(low-slope commercial)
Advisory Apr 2014 Selecting a Roofing Contractor*(steep-slope residential)
Advisory Nov 2012 Waterborne Adhesives and Coatings
Advisory Nov 2012 Moisture Contamination of Polyisocyanurate Insulation
Advisory Nov 2012 Safety in Roof Design
Advisory May 2008 Blistering and Off-Gassing of Urethane Foam Insulations
Advisory Jun 2007 Asphalt Durability
Advisory Jun 2007 Changes to FM Global Loss Prevention Data Sheets
Advisory Jun 2007 Perimeter Edge Flashing and Wind Resistance
Advisory Mar 2007 Flood Testing
Advisory Dec 2005 Wood Preservatives In Roofing
Advisory Jun 2004 Metric Steel Decks
Advisory Feb 2003 Ice on Roofs
Advisory Jun 2003 EVT
Advisory Feb 1997 Polyisocyanurate


CRCA was formed in 1960 for unity between and a co-operative effort on the part of roofing contractors from coast to coast in Canada.

Vision statement: The Canadian roofing industry is respected and successful, with the highest professional and technical standards.

Mission statement: CRCA leads the Canadian roofing industry, advancing the success of roofing contractors through technical expertise, standards of practice, and collaboration with industry partners.

CRCA consists of companies actively engaged in Canada in the roofing and related sheet metal contracting business, along with companies engaged in manufacturing or supplying materials and services used in any branch of the roofing and sheet metal industry.

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